Decorating A Mobile Home On A Budget Is Much Easier Than You Think

Decorating A Mobile Home On A Budget Is Much Easier Than You Think

Decorating A Mobile Home On A Budget

While our mobile homes are amazingly affordable, they are not perfect. Common obstacles when setting up mobile homes include low ceiling heights, tight spaces, and little natural light. Mobile home living spaces tend to be small and usually have an odd traffic flow or path from one room to the next. This is true when you start renovating a double-wide manufactured home and especially when you start renovating a single-wide mobile home. We’ll show you how to tackle them all.

Refreshing the style of your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Steer clear of the big box stores and get creative! We’ll give you ideas on how to redecorate your manufactured home with what you already have.

If you’re on a budget when renovating a mobile home, you can reuse items in your home or purchase inexpensive items at flea markets or resale stores to get your project started.

Here are tips how easily improve the look of your mobile home

While remodeling mobile homes brighten up siding on your home by using a power washer and soapy detergent to clean off dirt and debris from the exterior of house. Work your way all the way around the home.

Update your underpinning. Repair, paint or replace your existing mobile home skirting and make your single-wide look more substantial and modern.

Plant a curved garden in the front of the mobile to make your house look larger. Add a few bushes and flowering plants to both the front and sides of the mobile to visually expand the size.

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Making mobile home remodel brighten up your walls with paint to make your mobile home look larger. Use bright whites in the kitchen and paint wood-colored paneling a white or whitewash to visually expand the area.

Decorating A Mobile Home On A Budget Is Much Easier Than You Think
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Flip your furniture around, move things from room to room and get creative. Use furniture in different ways, try to open up the room and see what kind of feel you create. It’s fun to play with furniture, it’s a great workout and it can give your house a whole new look. Plus you’ll get to clean under places that normally get missed.

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Invest in one large mirror to place in a living room space or bedroom to add a focal point, reflect light and make the room feel larger.

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For mobile home makeover it would be great to replace louvered windows with more modern two-pane windows to increase the natural light and modernize an older home.

Add color to your single-wide by using a neutral-colored slipcover over older furniture and add some colorful occasional pillows on the seating areas for an updated look.

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Define seating areas and add comfort by placing thick area rugs on the floors to create a cozy feel to the space.

Add indirect lighting wherever you can. Install under-cabinet lights in the kitchen and place table lights throughout the living areas to soften the look of the home at night and create a warm glow throughout.

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Shop second-hand

When remodeling trailer homes on a budget, remember that thrift stores, consignment stores, garage sales, and online auction sites are your friends. Why? Because they offer the opportunity to find gently used items at great prices. Of course, we’re not advocating filling your house with old junk. But, if you’re selective, you can probably find some great stuff for a lot less than you’d pay brand-new.

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Be patient

You don’t have to do it all at once. In fact, waiting for the right item at the right price could be a great decision in the long run.

Before you plan out how you’ll go about decorating a mobile home on a budget, no matter what you want to do – mobile home bathroom remodel, kitchen or living room remodel, take a look at decorating articles. Whether you want to decorate for the season or you’re shooting for a particular look, gather inspiration, then make it happen.


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