What You Need To Check Before Contact A Furnace Technician?

What You Need To Check Before Contact A Furnace Technician?

When You Need to Call a Furnace Technician?

Regardless of where you live, a comfortable living environment is important to all of us. Unfortunately, because most heating and cooling systems are designed for larger homes, finding the right HVAC system for a mobile home or manufactured home can be difficult. Furnaces for mobile homes and manufactured homes are different from furnaces for regular homes. Only furnaces designed and intended for use in a manufactured home can be used for these types of homes. Normal stoves for residential houses are not suitable for mobile homes or manufactured homes..

If you’re having some trouble with your furnace, heat pump or heating system here are a few simple tips to try before setting up a service appointment with heating technician.

  1. Sometimes what you think might be a faulty furnace is actually a malfunctioning thermostat. Rather than assuming you have an expensive HVAC problem, take a look at your thermostat first. Check to make sure that the thermostat is set in the HEAT position. Check the battery on the thermostat.Open the thermostat and gently blow any dust or debris that may have clogged it.
  2. Make sure that the temperature setting on the thermostat is set HIGHER than the current indoor temperature.
  3. Ensure that there’s power to the furnace:
    Try turning the fan to “ON” on the thermostat to test for power to furnace.
    If no action, reset the breakers at the electrical panel, especially if the thermostat is showing a blank reading.
  4. Is there any air coming out of your vents?
    Walk through the entire house and check the vents to ensure nothing is blocking them. A curtain or piece of furniture may be obstructing the openings of one or more vents, preventing heat flow.
  5. Check to see if your filter needs to be changed.

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This is a simple but essential part of furnace maintenance. One of the most common reasons to have a furnace not working is a clogged filter. It also happens to be the easiest maintenance chore. They should be changed about once a month to ensure peak performance in your comfort system. When thinking about changing your filter don’t forget to include any time that there is a high volume of foot traffic.
Holidays and times when doors will be open more often might require you change the filter more, as well as pet dander. Replacing your furnace filter regularly is a quick and simple task, and goes a long way in protecting HVAC components and improving your inside air quality.

If all of these things are in working order then it’s time to call HVAC technician for a complete inspection of your furnace unit. In case your furnace not turning on or furnace turns on then off or the thermostat not working a trained furnace technician will do heater repair. Don’t attempt to try to diagnose any serious issues. Not only could you hurt yourself or others, you could void the warranty on your furnace and may be responsible for major repairs.

In any case, it is highly recommended that you have annual HVAC inspections for your heating and air conditioning. Most manufacturers warranties require them for warranty claims and they have been proven to save homeowners time, money, and energy in the long run.

Furnaces are designed and built to last many years, but none of them keep running forever. If your particular heating unit has reached or passed the manufacturer’s warranty period, you may not be getting all of the heating productivity that you’re paying for. It might be time to replace your HVAC system.

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Furnace Repairs and Replacement

Mobile and manufactured home heating is typically supplied by a forced air furnace that is designed to fit into a small, enclosed space. Whether you need a furnace check, heating and furnace repair or you want to change your old furnace for your mobile or manufactured home contact your furnace repairman. There should be good heater repair companies in your area which can offer its service.

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